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RH Rocket Type Rebar Support
The product can be installed spinning itself by 15°and has a distinctive functionality compared to existing products.
The product is in a form that holds the rebar itself and unnecessary rework is not required as detachment or collapse is prevented.
As the product has enhance functionality with affordable price. It was already used for the public housing project of the Hangang River New Town because of its excellent quality.

Product Code Quantities/Bag
RH-75 500
 RH-90 500
 RH-100  450
RH-120  300
 RH-125  250
 RH-135  250
 RH-140  240
 RH-145  200
 RH-150  200
 RH-155  190
 RH-160  170
 RH-170  160
 RH-180  120
 RH-190  110
 RH-200  100